NetSnips Privacy Policy

NetSnips does not collect or store any personal information, except for the following data that is indispensable for the functionality of the app and exclusively stored on your device:

  • All web page snippets and their related information (url, positioning) are stored in a database on your device.
  • We are saving the last screenshot of your web page snippets in your local cache directory.
  • For every snippet, we might store the associated web page cookies on your device if the selected web page requests to do so and send them back on subsequent snippet updates. This is a similar behaviour as web browsers if you have cookies enabled.

NetSnips sends anonymized data about your in-app purchases and basic app usage information (operating system, country, session count, …) to our purchase validation service RevenueCat, for the solely purpose to validate your purchases and unlock premium features and identify potential app problems.

Last updated on October 10, 2020.